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Why Reline Dentures?

Dentures are relined so that the plastic part that rest on the gums fits more intimately. If there is too much space between the denture and the underlying supporting tissue the denture will move up and down when the patient closes their mouth. Also, if a denture is placed immediately on the day a tooth or teeth are extracted it may require a reline after a patient’s socket(s) have healed.

There are different materials that a dentist can use to help reline a denture. I often use a soft temporary material called co-soft. I place it inside the denture when it is in a relatively runny state. Then I place the denture in my patient’s mouth and ask them to close. After several minutes I remove the denture, remove any extra material, and then place it back in my patients’ mouth. When the Co-Soft is sufficiently set. I take it from the patient and either pour up a model with the denture in it or I send the denture to my lab to pour the model.

My laboratory technician will use the model to help fabricate a laboratory reline procedure. The Co-Soft will be removed and replaced with laboratory processed acrylic, similar to the acrylic used originally to fabricate the denture.

Some dentists use either a silicone, or a polyether impression material to take a closed mouth impression with the denture in place. This is done in a similar manner to how I use the Co Soft and it works well too. A model is poured and the silicone or polyether is replaced with acrylic in a denture lab.

Another way to reline a denture is termed an “in office” reline porcedure. When I perform these I use a material by Bothworth that is essentially an acrylic that is placed in an unset state into a patients denture and allowed to setup in the patients closed mouth. The denture is taken in and out of the patients’ mouth while the material is setting (to insure that it doesn’t get stuck).

Triad material can also be used. This is a pink composite resin that is cured by placing the patients denture with the Triad reline in a light box. I have used this technique amd it is also works well.

If you are a patient with a denture that has become loose or moves when it is loaded occasionally, you may benefit from a reline procedure, but since movement of a denture upon closing can also be related to a patient’s bite, a visit to the dentist is the best way to determine the cause. A dentist can usually tell whether a reline or a bite adjustment is needed.



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