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What if a Veneer Falls Out?

If a porcelain veneer pops out, the best thing to do is to place it in a container and take it back to your dentist. Do not try and place it back in yourself, since this may cause further chipping of the fragile porcelain. It is a lot cheaper to have it placed back in than having a new one made if you break it!

When a patient dislodges a veneer, I try to gently place it back on the tooth and see if it will fit. If it does fit, I clean it, and gently sandblast the inside of it. If the internal porcelain is exposed I re-etch the surface with hydrofluoric acid and the re-bond the veneer. This can often be done with a broken veneer so long as the two pieces are well approximated. Repairs done in this way can often function for years, assuming that a patient does not over-stress the veneer.

Often I recommend my patients with porcelain veneers wear a protective night guard to prevent harmful bruxing force from dislodging or breaking them again. Veneers do not hold up as well if patients often function with force applied to the veneered tooth since this applies “bowing” pressure to the veneer and can result in dislodged or broken veneers.



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