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Proper Brushing Techniques

Dental surgeons say that the minimum brushing time you should spend is 3 minutes twice in a day. Here are some useful tips on how you can bush your teeth properly:

  • Hold your tooth brush exactly at a close 45 degree angle against your tooth gum line. Now softly and gently start brushing from where the gum and tooth meet to the chewing area that is about half a tooth wide stokes.
  • Hard tooth brushing can also cause gums to recede, tooth sensitivity, loose teeth and also in over time
  • Make sure of the same method so that you brush all inside and outside areas of your teeth.
  • Chewing areas of your teeth can be cleaned by short sweeping strokes, by tipping your brush bristles into the crevices and pits.
  • For cleaning inside surfaces of your teeth and bottom front areas of your teeth and gums, just hold your tooth brush in vertical position. With front and back motions, try to bring your front part of your tooth brush over the gums and teeth.
  • Gently and softly brush your tongue and your mouth roof by using a effective forward sweeping motion to eradicate the bacteria that causes tooth decay.
  • Play a favorite song or make use of an egg timer when brushing your white milky teeth for a complete 3 to 4 minutes twice in a day. This will help you in brushing your teeth continuously for 4 minutes twice a day.
  • Also if possible make use of an electronic tooth brushes to know the timings.
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