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Mouth Guards

Will my treatment be painful?

Can you save a badly decayed tooth?

How often should I make an appointment?

What is gum disease?

Can you give me whiter looking teeth?

How can a dental implant benefit me?

Are veneers a good choice?

What are the costs of your dental procedures?

Will my dental insurance cover everything?

Do you take dental emergencies?

Can you put me to sleep for my dental treatment?

Is there more than one way to treat my teeth?

Do you take my insurance plan? Do you have payment plans?

Can I get all my work done in a couple of visits?

Do you have any special offers for those with no dental insurance?

How do I decide which dental office to go to?

What is the capability of a crown?

Dental Bridges

What is a bridge/fixed partial denture?

Why do I need a bridge?

How is a bridge attached?

What is gum disease?

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"My promise to you is that our office will treat you to some of the gentlest dental care available in Western New York. We provide this by utilizing the highest diagnostic skills, state-of-the-art dental equipment, treatment planning and procedures all integrated by our highly trained staff. Our team constantly updates its technical skills and strives for perfection in every procedure it undertakes. You have my word that the Hyde dental staff will listen to your concerns and desires and they will come first in any treatment plan we develop." - Dr. Joseph A. Hyde