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New Patient Information

Front Check-in Desk

We’re always taking new patients and are happy to accommodate your dental needs in any way we can. Let us know what you need done at your first appointment. For instance, your first visit could be:
• For a cleaning and dental exam
• With a dentist in order to address a specific dental problem
• Just for a second opinion

What To Expect

Before your visit: As you may know, when you start seeing a new dentist there is a little bit of paperwork to do first. For your convenience, prior to your first visit we will send a medical history and HIPAA form to your home for you to complete ahead of time and at your leisure. We also have these forms online for you to read or print out if you’d like.

Free WiFi
Feel free to bring a wireless device to your visit and connect to our waiting area WiFi.

Your first appointment: Unless there is a specific dental problem or concern, most patients prefer that their first visit be for a cleaning and dental exam. At this appointment we will review your past medical and dental history, take necessary x-rays, screen for gum disease and oral cancer, perform a dental exam, and provide a thorough cleaning. This initial visit takes about 90 minutes for adults and 30 minutes for children.
Since patients with gum disease sometimes require different treatments and cleanings, occasionally a cleaning may not be done at the first visit if gum problems are found.
Follow up care: If you need to return for further care, we will review your treatment options, costs, and insurance benefits. If you’re ready we will schedule an appointment for you.

We’re also happy to get your next cleaning scheduled so you can get the date and time that works best for you. Unlike the initial visit, routine cleaning appointments are usually shorter in duration, and take about 60 minutes for adults. Children’s follow up cleanings are still 30 minutes until they reach their teens.

Registration Forms

New Patient Registration Forms

All new dental patients are required to provide their medical history and other details before their

first appointment with the dentist.

To avoid unnecessary delays or extra waiting time at our office, simply download and print our forms — then fill them out at home at your convenience.


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