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Nasal Sprayed Tooth Numbing

New Way to Numb Teeth Could Come In Future

The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine is testing a nasal spray that numbs the upper teeth, which could mean the end of dental injections.
If successful, it may mean the end of dental injections which dentists perform during procedures on the upper arch. The nasal-spray study is testing the effectiveness in dental procedures of a topical anesthetic normally used by ear, nose and throat physicians. Patients who receive this anesthetic for that purpose reported it also numbed their upper teeth.
Currently, tests are being done to find an optimal dose for this spray when used as an anesthetic agent for the maxillary (upper jaw) teeth. The current study includes 85 patients and should be completed around the end of January and will be followed by an additional study in March. Once the full effects of this treatment are known, testing will begin on a larger population of individuals – and we could one day see this treatment used in dental facilities.



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