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Dental Implants that fight bacteria

With the loss of teeth due to tooth decay and other causes, many people need to get Dental Implants. Many implants have to be removed or replaced due to infection, but a group of scientists are working to fix that.

Current Implants

The standard dental implant is made of a titanium screw that is fitted into the empty tooth socket, with a prosthetic tooth at the top. About 10% of these implants, however have to be removed to to bacterial infection or failure to integrate into the jaw. It can take months for the bone to grow around the implant in a successful procedure, and the patient may not be able to eat solid foods during that time. there have been many attempts at improving the chances of success, and recovery times in the past. Dentists have tried growing a tooth in the socket using the patients stem cells, creating a nano-coating that speeds up the healing process, and 3D Printing teeth with an antimicrobial resin built in. 

The New Implant

A group of scientists at the University of the Basque Country wanted to both improve healing time, and prevent infection at the same time. The team developed a coating using silica as its base, and adding anti-microbial agents. The coating was designed so that the first layer would degrade slowly, so that bacteria would not stick to the screw, and the next two layers would degrade quickly to release anti-bacterial agents in order to destroy bacterial infection. This coating is still a work in progress, but seems very viable after more research and optimization.

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