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Advantages of Using an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrush head

In our last blog we discussed the best electric toothbrushes on the market, but why should you use an electric toothbrush over a manual one? Read on for the advantages of electric toothbrushes.

They Keep Your Teeth Cleaner

Electric Toothbrushes are more capable of reaching hard to reach areas due to better brush heads. The rotating brush heads also provide the proper pressure and motion to clean teeth effectively, all of the time.



Many electric toothbrushes feature timers which notify you when to change where you are brushing, and when to stop brushing. These timers encourage people to take their time and not rush their brushing in the morning. They also teach kids the proper duration to brush their teeth for.


They Make it Easy

Electric Toothbrushes do all the hard work of brushing on their own. Manual brushing requires you to maintain the correct pressure and motion yourself, which can be hard when you are in a rush, excited, or tired. An electric toothbrush will handle all of that for you, as the rotating brush head will apply the proper pressure and motion to your teeth.


Preventing Gum Disease

Electric Toothbrushes are designed to be able to clean hard to reach places thoroughly. Regular brushing with one of these brushes will help prevent gum disease or gingivitis from taking hold.


Bad Breath

An electric toothbrush can help fix bad breath by clearing up decayed food stuck between your teeth. The rotating motion of the brush head helps to dislodge more particles than a normal brush. 



There is an electric toothbrush for every budget. If you just want a brush to replace the motion of normal brushing, it will cost about $20 or less. If you want a high end brush with timers and that will give you a mouth so clean it will feel like you just went to the dentist, it may cost over $100. The cost of brush heads must also be considered, as you will have to replace the brush heads when they break down.


Whether you get a low-end or high-end brush, an electric toothbrush always has its advantages over a normal toothbrush. If you need help picking out one, look at our previous blog, or click here.

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